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GSA Search Engine Ranker is the best automated backlinks software

GSA Search Engine RankerGSA Search Engine Ranker is an automated backlinks software from GSA.GSA is German company provides much of excellent software for quite a lot of different industries.GSA Search Engine Ranker can build backlinks for you 7 days a week ,with out any human interaction.You can simply leave the tool to run for weeks or months, without to do anything with it.

GSA Search Engine Ranker doesn't need any database of submission site. It will search the sites from lots of search engine and then submit your site to them.More than that It will also auto verify the backlinks of website submissions, to making sure that the backlink  is really exists. Then you can get all the build backlinks information like the anchor text, number of incoming and outgoing backlinks from the site,dofollow or nofollow.

With GSA Search Engine Ranker, backlinks isn't any problem again. The software will create backlinks automated for you and you can setting the option like only submit to site with high page rank sites or skip the sites with too many outgoing links.

Read the GSA Search Engine Ranker Review to get more information about the software.

Features of GSA Search Engine Ranker


  • Building backlinks automated after create the project.
  • No need database for submission
  • backlinking sites will always be related to the keyword you want.
  • anchor text of backlinks is always related to site's keyword
  • only get the backlinks that match your settings (high PR page or few outgoing links)
  • automatically submit the backlinks to search engines to index of the backlinks
  • only need setting up once and it will never stops create backlinks for you
  • Lifetime updates and license without any additional fee.
  • extendable script engine (expect a lot updates by us and other customers)
  • SpinnerChief Built-in to create unique content.
  • can use external Captcha Services and ability to use CaptchaSniper
  • There are over 100 platforms to submit your sites

Welcome to leave a comment and let us talk about the software.

Thank you!

Download the GSA Search Engine Ranker and try to use for 5 days.

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2.88 – new: added new directory engine (Particle Links)  2012-4-24

2.89 - new: "directory engine" added (Open Classifieds)

2.90 – new: added the first Video engine (upload of videos + creating a backlink)

2.93 – new: new social bookmark engine added (Hotaru CMS)

2.97 – new: iDocScript as new engine added (Document Sharing)

2.98 – new: social bookmarks engine GetBoo (don't expect many targets though)

2.99 – new: new engine Elgg (Social Network) added

3.03 – new: added some new engines (Laconica, StatusNet, Viral Socializer Script)

3.05 - new: Blogs with JoomlaComment are now supported by the General Blogs engine

3.09 – new: two new directory engines added (Open Link Directory, Unknown Directory 2)

3.11 – new: directory engine EasyLink added
- new: forum/CMS engine XOOPS added

3.13 – new: forum engine SMF aka Simple Machines Forum added

3.14 – new: forum engine MyBB added

3.16 – new: forum engine vBulletin added

3.17 – new: added new forum engines (Quicksilver, UseBB, ExpressionEngine)

3.18 – new: new forum engine PunBB added
new: guestbook engine PHP-Fusion

3.19 – new: two new engines added ( and some polish directory)

3.20 – new: ability to use %spinfolder-<folder>% in project fields to use the content
of a file in that <folder>. Use the popup menu to choose a folder.
- new: ability to fill project fields automatically with random fake address data
- new: three new directory engines added (SEOKatalog, WebMini and Mini)


Nice function added for recently update ( 2012-06-12 ):

3.26 -  new: variables that another program uses are now also handled in comments for compatibility reason
(%name%, %blogurl%, %email%, %blogtitle%, %website%,…)

3.25 – new: no need to fill in address data (country, state, city, zip, address, phone) for certain
engines as they will get generated for you on submission (of course zip or phone match
the city)

3.28 – new: ability to import accounts from other projects
- new: added 3 new directory engines (WordPress Directory, Directory97 PRO, phpLinks)

3.30 – new: Ability to build links to verified links of another project ,it means we can build Multi-Tier link and Linkwheel now!
To make use of this, create a new project and check the box
"Use verified URLs of another project" located under the URL field.
- new: German directory engine Mikomedi added


3.34 - new: three new directory engines added (LINKER, Unknown German Directory, MyEngines)

3.36 – new: added new forum engine XMB


3.49 - new: engine called WebGarden (a mix of Guestbook and Forum but added to Guestbooks)

3.51 – new: new engine TikiWiki added

3.67 – new: added two new forum engines (Burning Board, FluxBB)

3.70 - new: added WEB2.0 engin (,,
3.85 – new: ability to add footprints for site list searches (inurl: must be present 
             for search terms in an engine)
3.84 – new: ability to set % of how much to use the general anchor texts (20% by default)
3.83 – new: option to randomly use a general/natural anchor text like "click here" or "more on %url_domain%"
             Google likes to see these kind of links as it looks much more natural.
3.89 - new: added a new Social Bookmark Engine (Meneame – mostly spanish sites)
3.90 – new: added a new WordPress Article engine


3.94 – new: engine JCow (Social Network)
         - new: engine "Article Beach" (Article)
3.95 – new: directory engine "Site Sift" added
3.96 – new: article engine Moodle added
4.05 – new: forum engine "Vanilla"
4.04 – new: social bookmark engine "PHPBokmark" 
      – new: social network engine "PHPFox" 
4.03 – new: social bookmark engine "Public Bookmark" written by Holger Lenzdorf
4.02 – new: engine "vBulletin – Blog" which will post an blog entry with your article

4.08 – new: Article engine "PHPMotion"
         - new: Web2.0 engine ""




4.09 – new: web2.0 engine
     - new: web2.0 engine
     - new: web2.0 engine
     - new: article engine BuddyPress
4.11 – new: new web 2.0 engines (,,
4.12 – new: 17 new web 2.0 sites added
4.15 – new: 9 new Web 2.0 engines
4.14 – new: social network engine Oxwall
4.16 – new: added about 50 new Web 2.0 engines
         - new: added new Social Bookmark engine Dolphine
 4.18 – new: added Web2.0 site ""
      – new: added Doc Sharing site "Scribd" 
      – new: added Social Bookmark/Web2.0 engine "" 
      – new: you can now use a well known syntax like #file_links[C:\myfile.txt,10,S]


4.23  - new: Web 2.0 engine "" 
4.24- new:,, engines added
4.26 – new: engine ""
      – new: engine ""
      – new: engine "Drupal – Blog" added (creates blog/story posts)


 4.29 – new: ability to use ArticleBuilder
      – new: option to use spell errors in descriptions to fight duplicate content
      – new: support some new macro called #err[0..10000],  #gennick[BLAHH,min,max], #random[a..z,A..Z,0..9,@,!,;]
#file="c:\xyz.txt" this will insert the content from a file (or URL)
      – new: #file_links can now use URLs as parameters

 4.30 – new: added Social Network engine SocialGo


 4.31 – new: support for #trans … #notrans macro
             When used inside the project data, it translates the text to the language 
             of the website it is submitting to.
         - new: added 4 Web2.0 engine (,,, 



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The platforms GSA Search Engine Ranker can submit

Article Article Dashbord Article Directory Pro Article Friendly Article Script ArticleMS MediaWiki php Link Article php Link Article-Login TikiWiki(2012-07-01 added) Article Beach Moodle Wordpress article vBulletin – Blog(2012-8-22 added) BuddyPress(2012-8-31 added) Drupal – Blog Blog Comment Blogspot General Blogs (wordpress,JoomlaComment,etc.) KeywordLuv (2012-5-31 added) Directory cpDynaLinks DirectoryScript EasyLink eSyndiCat FFA Freeglobes HubDir indexU Link Bid … Continue reading

more article engines added to gsa search engine ranker

New version of GSA released: 2.57 – new: some more article engines added (Article Script, Article Dashboard) 2.56 – new: added some more article engines (ArticleMS, Article Friendly, Article Directory Pro) – new: added IMPORT for ping URLs

GSA Search Engine Ranker MediaWiki engine added

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GSA Search Engine Ranker added social Bookmark module

From version 2.50 the GSA Search Engine Ranker support social Bookmark module . Now in the 2.53 version,GSA Search Engine Ranker add PHPDug as new engine. just starting test the new engine I will report later. Now you can use GSA Search Engine Ranker build the bookmark backlinks. Enjoy it!

GSA Search Engine Ranker Review

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